Installing memcache on xampp 1.7.4

Open up the php.ini file located at C:/xampp/php/php.ini. Add the following to the file after all of the other extension declcarations:


memcache.allow_failover = 1  
memcache.chunk_size =8192  
memcache.default_port = 11211  

Believe it or not the next step took me the longest to get done. All of the instructions I read online for doing this pointed me to to download the memcache dll file. Unfortunately you can only find the VC9 download on that site, xampp 1.7.4 on the other hand uses VC6. According to

If you are using PHP with Apache 1 or Apache2 from you need to use the VC6 versions of PHP

If you are using PHP with IIS you should use the VC9 versions of PHP

I was able to find the VC6 dll after some searching and if you also require it you can download it right here.

Once you download the proper memcache dll you need to unzip it and place it in C:/xampp/php/ext/

The final step is to restart xampp. After that give it a go, try out some of the memcache functions found on the php manual web site.

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