Google Caffeine

I was just reading some articles and came across something I should have seen months ago! Google is working on a speedier search engine which appears to have a slightly different method of determining page rank. When I Google my name with Caffeine, I am in the 8th position on the first page. When I Google my name normally, I am in the 6th position on the first page. So, I like that I have a better page rank now, but at the same time the pages that overtook me had to do with a former Yale football star with the same name. So the fact that a page that is not considered relevant now, is relevant with Caffeine is good news.

The reason for the changes in the search are not evident from a glance. The architecture how the search engine works has changes, along with that the algorithms that determine page rank have also changed. Even though Caffeine is still in development it is something you should keep an eye on so it doesn’t take you by surprise when your web site either takes a small dive in rank or jumps up a couple spots!

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