Brainstorming Interfaces

I’ve been reading a bit about interfaces, and what it takes to come up with the best one possible. There is a lot of information to wade through but so far one of the best suggestions i’ve seen was a slightly different procedure to brainstorming than i’m used to.


A good place to start planning an interface is by sitting down with your colleagues or group members to come up with different ideas. In theory this will allow multiple ideas to be presented and tweaked so that you end up with one great idea. However, once an idea takes hold within a group it can be tough to sway yourself and others that there are other good/potential solutions. So an inadvertent side effect is that one idea takes over when there are other potential good ideas that go unshared.

One way to circumvent the “group think” that results from brainstorming is to add a step to the process before coming together to share ideas. This new step has everyone in the group create rough sketches/ideas for the interface before coming together. This makes sure that everyone in the group contributes ideas and it will usually result in ideas being shared that otherwise would not have been.

After each idea has been presented the group members critique and pick out the good parts of the idea like normal.

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